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I always have a reason for faving art. Whether it's the best out of the bunch of drawings I've seen, superb improvement pieces from my friends (like a progress marker), laugh-worthiness, or out of extreme appreciation...etc. Always a reason.


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This isn't exactly a sudden thing and you might have expected it sooner or later.  But here are things I've been contemplating...

I realize that I don't have a lot of watchers on here anymore, I don't have much inspiration to post on this account anymore (I really only use it to catch up on my favorite artists' material and check up on friends), and I've moved most of my activity on Tumblr.  I'm super busy with university and itching for more art jobs.  And, to be honest, I just plain old forget to upload on here.

I've been considering a few options:

  • Completely delete this account
  • Keep the account but put a lot of super old artwork in storage, probably only allowing works from 2011 onward to be viewed.  Yeah, that includes scraping my comic (which will not ever get updated again).
  • Keep the account as is and create a new account for "favorites" and very minimal activity.

I'm heavily considering the third option just because I don't want to lose my favorites and there are some tutorials on there, regardless if I save them on my computer or not.  There's also the strong possibility that the reason I don't upload here as often is because it reminds me of the middle school and early high school days.  It's not all terrible, but I've grown way beyond that and putting my newer work beside my old ones in a similar folder is too uncomfortable.  Sure, people can compare and see that I've improved, but I honestly want a fresh start.

I don't really mind the DA community, but it seems to lack the inspiration for me to even upload on here.  There's also the high possibility of creating a webpage (or site) strictly for porfolio-worthy pieces.  So, there are a lot of options and thoughts in my mind about this.

All I have to say is that I'm sorry that I ditched this account without much of a reason.  And I'm sorry that you're probably not going to see much activity from here anymore, if at all.  And I sincerely appreciate all the friends I DID make on here, and those who followed me onto other sites.  I'll be sure to leave some contacts below.  Until then, I wish everyone that still watches this account well.

  Purple~ :heart:

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Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United States
Real Name: Bianca
Alias(es): Purple
Age: 20
Occupation: Student

Things to Note

Requests: Closed
Trades: Friends only
Commissions: Sketches only.
Collabs: Ask me
Roleplay: Closed
Friends?: Of course! :heart:

Other contacts
Skype: Noctidial (tell me who you are, though, or I'll ignore you)
Neo accounts: X x x

Current Residence: Suburbs of Chicago
School: University of Illinois at Chicago

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